Technology and production:

Assistance and consultancy (including attraction of foreign consultants) on improving the production structure and business re-engineering of the processes at company level;

Consultancy services:

brand development and brand recognition strategy;

Assistance and consultancy upon application of management information systems

Specialised training & courses for companies' managers to improve the organization of the manufacturing process, increase the company’s productivity and competitiveness;

Design and fashion

Training courses for the member-companies' designers as well as local clothing companies' to improve their skills;
Organizing major markets fashion trends seminars;
Arrangement of the cluster member-companies' participation in international fashion exhibitions (percentage of registration fees covered);
Cooperation with and support of local vocational schools;


Organizing marketing courses for the cluster member-companies and the local businesses in the Textile & Clothing Sector;
Creating and publishing of brochures and catalogues for the member-companies and other branch businesses in connection with their participation and exhibiting at international apparel fashion fairs;
Up-to-date information on international markets available to all member-companies;
Research and development of market niches member-companies and local businesses in the sector;

Staff training and qualification

Organizing specialized training courses to ensure a qualified and highly motivated workforce for the industry;
Optimization of the specialized training courses in accordance with the needs of the cluster member-companies and other companies in the branch in general;